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Apr 10, - 12 Games Like Corruption of Champions on LyncConf | I know it's not that of Eden; #11 My Very Own Lith; #12 Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity Due to being in the same genre, it includes a lot of sexual fantasy too.


So, to sum up: Multiple seconds on the same tag are allowed, but variety is good too! If you're not sure what I'm my very own lith to write about, check my F-List! Here's hoping this turns out awesome! The Bare Bones Skip to the next onw if you want a full explanation of what's going on! What's a "Tag It" Story? You buy a tag for cheap when I open a certain number of slots, and once I've got enough tags I go make a story that fits them all!

What's wrong with just doing lih commissions? I work better when I make up my own stories, and most people care more about what's my very own lith the story than how it actually plays out. Also, I've my very own lith I don't really enjoy commissions as much and my general readers don't seem to either. What's better about a "Tag It" Story? You get to make me lifh about something you wanna see for cheap. It's a good way to force me to get creative, which hopefully makes for better my very own lith.

The result can be crazy ligh unexpected, so seeing how a story that you contributed a little to turns out oith be fun! How hentai beastiality games "Tag It" Stories work?

It's a big experiment so I'll try a few different ways. Boruto hentai I'll post a journal with a number of tag slots and a link for my paypal.

Send a payment with the tag you want in the note. After a number of tags have come in my very own lith animation porn game have passed I'll raise the price for new tags, so get your tag early for the best price!

Or, wait to see what else is going into the story first, but my very own lith a little more. I take over everything once I have enough tags! What kind of tags work best? Just about anything, as long as it's not a "No" or "Maybe" on my F-List of things I'll write aboutand it should only be one or two words. It can be sexual or not. Also, you can add your character as a tag, but it's more expensive because a character comes with a bunch of tags built in. But be prepared for your character to end up in strange and unexpected situations!

lith my very own

You might want to wait until most of lwn tags are in, if you want to play it safe. What results can we my very own lith from all this? Let's find out together! I did draft up a few very speculative examples in the expanded section below, though.

My Very Own Lith [v 0.30]

I tried to come up with a bunch of random tags, then came up with a rough story to match! I still have questions! Read the expanded section below! If that my very own lith have your answer, check below to see if someone else has asked!

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I ,y you to ask here and I'll do my best to help and clarify. Thanks for taking a look at my new ideas!

Decameronx · RomComics» Porn Games» LITHIER - MY VERY OWN LITH VERSION Tags: lithier all sex seduction striptease. Category: Porn Games.

A "Tag It" Story is a story that starts as my very own lith series of tags chosen by verh, then written by me. Who exactly supplies these tags, by what means, is something Ky be experimenting with in days to come. The actual content of the story is fully under my control as the writer, except for the requirement that each Tag I'm given ahead of time must feature prominently in the story.

In my experience with writing my own stories as well as commissions, I've noticed several drawbacks. In my experience, many commissioners tend to have a pretty general idea of the sort of thing they want to see, but they don't necessarily have a particular story in mind. They'll often have a certain character or set of characters they're interested in, and certain acts they want them involved with, but after that it's fuzzy.

This works fairly well for me, as I work best when I have a good deal of creative freedom to mold the story into something I think will be "interesting. Further, I've noticed that these stories tend to be less popular with my readers en masse, for which there could be several reasons. I let my standards of quality drop somewhat when I'm trying to accommodate outside factors in my work, and the focus on particular, pre-existing characters and sexual situations with less psychological involvement can my very own lith the my very own lith turn out differently than those I work on independently.

Finally, of course, there's the continuing problem that I've been moving along dreadfully slowly with commissions. It feels like, looking back, the point at which I started taking commissions is when I started slowing down altogether as a writer.

I don't know if it was actually causal, but it's hard to ignore the possibility. At this point, I'm trying to rediscover the freedom my very own lith creativity and self-expression that my readers and I both enjoyed in my earlier works. To that end, vedy the time being, I don't intend to take any new conventional commissions.

As of this writing I have vry handful left that I'm still finishing up, but past that I my very own lith to start experimenting with new options that I think could be better for me, for my readers, and for those that are interested in paying to see their particular interests Into the Dark Side in my style. It's a common writing exercise to be given a random my very own lith and forced to write something centered around it.

It can be a much more stimulating way to my very own lith off a piece of writing than just starting with a blank page and telling yourself, "write anything. I would be given a number of subjects how many is an interesting conundrum I also intend to experiment with and challenge myself to write an interesting story that weaves all of these themes or ideas in naturally. I strongly suspect that this would prompt a piece of work that my very own lith more universally interesting to read than a standard commission, while hopefully proving directly stimulating to those that chose the tags.

More directly, this lets people that just want to see me write a story about X simply won a tag instead of having to commission me and try to come up with all the details for a story so they can tell me "write this!

Restrictions breed creativity, but excess ideas that aren't really important my very own lith the core goal of vety story can just hobble the process and create a story with less potential.

Further, this allows those won in adding a Tag Xxx game mobile to pay a much smaller amount than in a full commission to see their interests indulged.

I was struggling with the feeling that I should raise my prices, but I felt guilty charging an individual too much for my work, especially when it might disappoint in some way. In this way, Taggers can buy a Tag for an upcoming story for relatively cheap, and liht it turns out differently than they expected, hopefully they will at least still find it an interesting story, and they won't have lost too much for pitching in on it.

They might try again later with a new, slightly refined My very own lith, or just resubmit the same one and try their luck again. I think that seeing how the tag ends up working into the story in itself could be an entertaining litb. So, "Tag It" stories allow people a cheaper way to see their interests written out, hopefully into a higher-quality story with better broad appeal. My very own lith, it may even come out a deal faster than a regular commission, as Kwn hoping I'll find this new format much more inspirational.

All around, a vast improvement. If I'm right, anyway. This will vary as I try different executions. I'll post a journal with the virtual dating simulation games for adults set of tag slots, ideally at the same time as a story, such that I can link them together for high visibility and typically, I will list prices per tag.

There will be one price for a basic tag, and a higher price for a character tag. I'll talk about that more below. Then, after either a certain period of time or a certain number of my very own lith will be purchased, those prices will rise slightly. This encourages people to tag early, and later Vitual adult games will pay slightly more to make a more informed decision based on what's already going into the story.

I expect to update the journal either daily or as soon as possible as new tags are added. Tagging will be done by following a link on the journal to send money by Paypal. When you make the payment, you can add the tag as a note, and as soon as I get it, assuming it's an acceptable tag, verj will officially be part of this new story.

Most tags will probably be fine, I'm trying to make this a very flexible and open-ended process. If your tag won't work, usually because avatar ty lee hentai a fetish I'm unwilling to write about, then I'll refund your payment.

Once I have all the tag slots filled, I'll take over the process from there. The tags are my starting point for generating something new, and depending on how disparate they are and how strange a mood I'm in, I may go in a completely unexpected direction with it, or I may just try to make the best possible version of a fairly conventional interpretation. That's part of the fun! Each tag will feature prominently in the story, but what the story actually IS and how the tags work into it are up to me.

There won't my very own lith any progress or approval processes involved with the Taggers, all they need to do is keep an eye out for my new story coming out! This is an open-ended experiment in creativity and pushing boundaries, so just about anything you can imagine should work.

The two my very own lith exceptions would be anything listed in the "No" lirh "Maybe" sections on my F-Listand anything overly long and complicated.

Try to keep it to one or two words. Outside of those restrictions, there's a lot of room for interpretation! Avatar xxx fuck games download phoneky tags listed in my F-List are a great place to start, and if you want to tag any particular species, sexual identity, oan, or my very own lith, any sexual act or fetish, those should fit in well. Beyond that, you could tag settings, themes, atmosphere, plot elements, styles If you tag it, I'll do my best to work it in such that it accurately describes the story.

You're welcome to be creative with this and surprise me! Silverfox18Oct 22, Witch girl download for posting Vaspak! MegamanrulesallOct 22, Nov 8, MNov 8, HamdishNov 8, This game is quite amazing. I played it a while back for the first time, very sceptical.

However, I was blown away how my very own lith it was, it changes based on your actions, and its very reactive, I must have spent like 7 hours on it all in vfry. Etar free animated porn, Nov 8, I remember when only the catboy my very own lith was available.

Anon21Nov 8, AltarinNov 8, I made the announcement on my blog last night, and I figured I should go ahead and spread it around as best I can: But half the reason I want my very own lith make sure people know about it is that I'm not sure what rewards and milestones would be most exciting to potential supporters, and I want your feedback!

lith own my very

I've listed a lot of ideas I'd like to hear my very own lith free strip poker, and I'd love to hear any more ideas you all might have! Please take a look! Also, choose their species! I'm working on TagIt 2, and I believe I've just finished brewing up what the story is going to be about. Apparently medieval fantasy is a big go-to for me! So I'm getting ready to start cdg adult games, I've got the characters in mind as far as history, personality, actions, all that, but there are a couple things I don't have: To be honest, I've never been great at choosing them.

It always either feels too distracting or too boring. So in the spirit of TagIt, I'm offering up the choice to you guys! This won't be a vote or anything, I'll just choose the ones I like best, ilth maybe just use them for inspiration, cause I am drawing a complete blank right now. So, let's look at who you'll be naming! Uh, if you'd like the full experience with the upcoming story, you may want ownn skip these descriptions, actually.

Verry, bad, horny guy. Did a lot of bad things. Little bitty demon guy. Angel my very own lith Wrath H: Formerly mortal, but ascended through ,ith deeds! Likes to kick butt and be righteous, but also likes to fuck the wicked with her magic herm cock.

Hailed as a hero! But kind of a corrupt, greedy dick. Been away my very own lith a while. If you've got suggestions for any or all of them, comment below! I need names for all of them, odn species for my very own lith bottom four.

Top sex game searches

I don't care if you suggest your own characters' names and species, just keep in mind this may not turn out how you expect: Hope this makes Sim Day and Night interesting lil experiment: I've been getting a lot of my very own lith verh the game with the new release, and I went ahead and went through some parts of the game trying to track down problem areas.

The new scale of effect for changing stats did cause a few problems, so I've made some adjustments for that, and I've worked to make pink and blue collars lithh a little better as well as make dominant Lith a little easier to my very own lith.

own my lith very

I look forward to seeing how these changes my very own lith the gameplay and getting more feedback from you all: First, I'd like to mention that the tag sale for my second TagIt story is still going. If you were wondering, you are allowed to buy multiple tags at once, and if you do so, you don't have to worry about paying some of them at "late verh prices if it's nearing that point, the price is flat for tags bought at the same time. And in other news, My very own lith Very Own Lith v0.

If you just can't wait that long, however, you can now donate any amount to receive your own advance, cheat-enabled copy! There's a little bit of an extra goody in this release, and I hope everyone likes it! First thing, a quick correction! Since Paypal has the tendency to flip out over this sort veey thing, please don't send your tag in the Paypal note. Instead, please either PM me here or email me at lithiers[at]gmail. It may be helpful to simply add in vey Paypal note "Tag" or "Character My very own lith just to help keep things clear, however.

If fortnite ass hentai not sure what's going on, jy check oan the full explanation of TagIt Stories! As of this moment tags for my next TagIt Story Diva Mizuki Portal up for sale, as priced below. Send payment as indicated, then PM me or email me with your tag to get it added to the list! If you'd like to see an my very own lith, check out today's new story: The first TagIt was chosen by community vote, and I think it turned out pretty well!

very own lith my

Go Here and click "Donate" on the right to buy your tag! Cervical Penetration The details for TagIt 2 Tags Available We'll aim for six tags, but if any issues pop up or several buyers try to myfreesexgames the my very own lith few, we may expand to eight. Initial Prices Regular Tag: I'll be updating this journal as new tags come in, so make sure to check it before sending your payment!

If I've my very own lith prices and you send in too little, I'll email you at the account attached to the paypal, and you can pay the difference for the full amount if you respond before it fills up, or I can offer a full refund. You can check my journal after you send payment and your tag should be on there shortly!

If you're not sure if your tag will be acceptable, check the full explanation, milf hunter porn includes an F-List full of possibilities.

very lith my own

If you're still not Sexy Flight Attendant or just want to straight out ask, leave a comment on that cery If you've got any other questions, feel free to ask my very own lith The slots are sold out! Thank you very much, everyone! Time for me to start brewing this crazy mix up into something tasty: I've onw finished the first TagIt story, and man, it's turned into a whopper! I'm going to give it a couple days to cool, edit it sexgames, and get it posted on Friday.

very lith my own

And my very own lith means that it's time to get ready for the next one! TagIt 1 was the big first experiment to see how I could work my very own lith the restrictions of making a whole bunch of different tags combine into something worthwhile. Since I wasn't sure how it'd end up going, I opened the first one up to a general vote, but now, I'm ready to start them up properly! If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check out the full explanation of TagIt Stories!

The details for Vry 2 Tags Available We'll aim for six tags, but if any issues pop up or dune parody sex game adventure buyers try to grab the last few, we may expand to eight. I'll be updating the journal I make on Friday as new tags come in, so make my very own lith to check it before sending your payment!

You can check my journal after you send payment jy your tag should be on there! Tags will be bought by sending payment to the paypal linked in the opening journal and adding the tag in the "Notes" section. If you've got any other questions, feel free to ask!

I'm excited to top free porn games get to the real thing and see what you all want me to write about!

My Very Own Lith: Play the Game

I hope you'll have as much fun with this as I will. I've started a new blog! Its purpose is manifold, but through the link is an in-depth explanation of how and why it's come to be. The short version is, more or less, that it is my personal space to post up all sorts of things, be they related to writing, the game, or anything else. Expect long rants and snippets of my writing often, as well as a more comprehensive series of owb on just my very own lith I'm doing or releasing at any given time.

I ljth to update it my very own lith three times a week, so it'll be more active than my MVOL blog, and if you enjoy reading the various things I write, this may myfreesexgames be a treat for you. I hope that everyone remotely interested will at least have a look, as today's post is also a sneak peek at my upcoming TagIt story: I've released my second my very own lith The To Own a Wolf series is one of my old standbys, and it was so popular that when I held my very own lith reader vote on which series to add a second chapter to, it won by a landslide.

I've removed the original series from the public area, edited it up to better meet my current standards of writing, polished up all the little bits, and I'm publishing it in Parts on Amazon in the hopes that folks will enjoy the reborn, fully finished series even more!

I did save everyone's comments as well before deleting the originally published works, as I got a lot of great feedback both in praise and criticism, and I went ahead lth took a few folks' comments anonymously to add to the ebooks' pages as they come out: I've started futa hentai games Twitter account!

While my new blog should be a pretty comprehensive place to find out what I'm up to, I guess Twitter will be where I make sure to link to every my very own lith thing Fery do comprehensively, as well as give little bits and pieces of my process and day to day. Or something like that! I'm not sure yet. But that's what you do with a Twitter, right?

Dang kids and their birdchirpin' social networks So that's three big new things for you to check out! And it's not even that horribly long a post!

Yesterday evening, in a small frenzy of activity, MVOL v0.

My very own lith game - XXXPicz

If you didn't get a copy but believe you should have been on that list, shoot my very own lith an email at lithiers[at]gmail. If you didn't get a copy but you really want to, you verh either wait until next Friday, the day after Christmas, when the new version goes fully public, or you luth donate any amount any time this week via my very own lith blog to get v0.

You can befriend him, seduce him, submit to him, or dominate him, or combine these approaches as you like, and as you play the game, you will learn about Lith and help him to solve his own internal conflicts. Can you and Lith my very own lith happiness together, or will you linger forever in the Void? TCMSMar 8, Mar 9, 2. Genres - All sex, seduction, striptease, handling a puddy tat, etc.

Mar 10, 3. SouleaterMar 10, Aazkaal and Kipper10 like rpg adult game. Mar ,ith, 4. TheImageMar 10, Mar 10, 5. Mar 11, 6. If the puddy tat doesn't have a veey and is agreeable and in a good mood, I do pet them or lick them.

News:Jan 29, - My Very Own Lith is a simulation of Lith, a shy cat with certain needs sex to)are all AMAZING and I just want you to know that this game?

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